Cary SLP-98L DC or Cap Upgrade details

Ok, I know it's been discussed before but I'm really looking for the details in this upgrade to the SLP-98. I've read direct coupled, F1 upgrade, cap upgrade etc...Now can anyone tell me in detail in what each of these mean and what parts/values go where in the unit itself? I also see various cap values in the upgrades in different units, what does that mean and why do I see these Mundorf SGO caps in various units be of different values? Any help would be great appreciated!



All I can say is the SLP-98 F1 is killer. If you like music, it's the one.

Yeah I’m trying to figure out how to get there and what all is involved.

What is "F1" exactly?

@sqitis As I recall way back the F1 package upgrade well over a decade ago was originally inspired and offered by Upscale Audio. Unless you send in your unit and pay Cary for the upgrades, intel may not be shared. Different people there. I have the SLP-98L with all the upgrades in mine w/Grayhill switch. Here is what i have from my notes, and a site visit today to validate what’s listed right now for the new unit upgrades. A really good tech in your region can upgrade these with good parts too.

I’d recommend using a local tech, if you can. Save on shipping costs to pay for even better upgrade parts, and reduce risk of back-and-forth shipping damage

IIRC, the original F1 inspired package offered, went something like this:

  • Jensen oil and copper capacitors, Hexfreds in the power supply, Kimber cable wired for one of the inputs, real WBT speaker terminals, Grayhill selector switch, +F1 colors.

Today, the new units offered show similar upgrade options minus flashy paint:

  • Silver or Black color, Hexfred Rectifiers x4, One Kimber wired input, Mundorf MCAP EVO Silver-Gold coupling caps, MCAP EVO Silver.Gold.oil for output capacitors. (not seeing Grayhill switch listed).

If you have a unit now or buy a used one, you could try first by upgrading the caps and install your favorite 6SN7 tubes in it. Double box/pack well if you ship it in!


@decooney I have a stock unit now but curious on the parts & values used in the unit. I've seen different cap values from the internet and Cary invoices from other slp-98 ads. Such as, 4.7uf 450V & .22uf 1000v in some units then I've seen 1.0uf 1000v and .33uf 1000v. I have a newer unit with 1.0uf 1000v Music Cap & .22uf 630v Clarity Cap. Now I'm also curious to know what the hell is "Direct Coupled" and how is that implemented?

I do have a local tech ready to do the work as he did on his unit with just the caps/hexfred mod. But before we get started I'd like to hear more about the Direct Coupled mod.