Cassandra Wilson - Another Country

I was wondering if anyone has heard the new Cassandra Wilson release 'Another Country'. I believe this is her first release on her own record label 'Ojah'. I love her Blue Note years and I'm wondering how this one stacks up.
I read that it's a departure from some of her past work.

I just placed my order for it, but I thought I'd get this started as I know there's some big fans of Cassandra here on Agon. Some may not realize this is out as well.
thanks for the heads up Don, I'm all over it. Still enjoying Silver Pony regularly....cheers!
Haven't heard it yet, but I love Cassandra Wilson. I'll give it a listen. Thanks!

I like what I've heard so far. A different flavor for her with nice backing. I'm hoping a vinyl version will be released but have not seen any hints.

OMG!!!! This might be her best. I am not kidding. The guitar work and percussion is some of the best ive ever heard. On top of that Cassandras voice is as always captivating, smooth and mellow. Any Cassandra Wilson fans will be in love with this. I'm serious when I say possibly her best ever.