Cassette Decks in 2019

In the last few years a bunch of experimental/fringe music has been increasingly been put out on cassette. I can stream these on Apple Music and Prime and such but would rather buy it and support the artists.

So on a whim I've been looking at decks. Nakamichi comes out often but HOLD CRAP look at the prices for machines. No thanks. So I see some from TEACTascam and Marantz that are being produced now and wonder if any of these are decent enough soundwise.

Don’t know about Marantz  but other two are junk. Bought new Teac for 400. Just over one year right channel went out. Played lightly. Prices you see on Nachimichi are usually with completely overhaul by Willy Herman. You get a new deck with warranty. Expensive but worth it. Diff in daylight and dark in sound. It is top of line. It was then and still is   Worst every penny 
I just pulled out my Nachamichi RX-505!, absolutely no hiss!, haven't listened to this ole girl in a long time, needless to say, I was quite smitten listening to this machine mated with a klipsch powered subwoofer,  this machine was clear as a bell with slam,  no regrets about what this cost,  look at what it's worth,  up to $2,000.00 on eBay!, sounds like it's worth the price of admission,  good sound stage for cassette,  cheers gentleman 🍻🥂🍷🥃
I was very pleasantly surprised when I bought my newest cassette deck, a 3 head Sony TC-K570. With Maxell XL-IIS tapes and proper calibration, the sound quality is fantastic. Not reel to reel quality, but the best cassette experience I’ve ever had. 
I’ll definitely look into the Yamahas mentioned. As for the snark about the Tascam, I don’t know much about tape decks which I know means I should be banned forever, but that’s why forums have “experts”.

i had tons of tapes in the 80’s but didn’t have, nor was I interested in any of this obsessiveness. Just playing tapes to enjoy music (novel idea for sure). 

thanks for the suggestions, I’ll look more into those mentioned.