Cassettes still rock!

Played Dire Straits debut album last night - from a Maxell XL 2s cassette recorded from the vinyl over 30 years ago. Best sound I've heard on my system in months. I have the SACD, but doesn't have the organic sound from the tape/vinyl. Dig out your old cassettes! 
Good to see you here Willy.
Wyoboy was the member who thought you had retired.
I corrected him on that and I guess he emailed to verify.

This is Kevin in Florida with the zx7 you just restored and extremely happy with the job you did for me.
Nice to see you bringing a technical perspective to the questions.
I was thrilled to get an email from Willy this morning--i looked for the comment from someone else about him being "gone" but i couldn't find it--not sure if it was on this thread or a different one--anyway, Kevin, thanks for letting me know that was erroneous.  Willy serviced my Nakamichi deck about 10 years ago and it's still working beautifully.
 I don’t play cassettes anymore but my brother does. He has a very inexpensive system in his garage with an old Panasonic cassette player I believe.  Maybe 100 old cassettes.  Does it sound good? Hell no, it sounds like total crap! But he absolutely loves it.  But then again he is not an audiophile. To each his own right?  

 It would be interesting and great fun to hear a nice Nakamichi deck on a good system again.
A few days ago I recommended Willy to another member that was looking for a part for his Nakamichi deck. Willy went through all four of my decks, and my RX-505 (the only one left) still works like new. When we lived in the Bay Area, it was comforting to know that I could drop my Nakamichi player with Willy and he would work his magic on it, and I could just drop by and pick it up from him. It was a bonus to know that he was a gentleman, and someone you could trust with your expensive toys. 
I did not mean any disrespect with my comments and hope it did not sound that way.

I just hoped I had not missed anything in last couple of weeks and Willy had suddenly called it quits!

Glad to see he has not as my 660zx is next up for surgery!