Castle loudspeakers resurrected

Hello all of you,

It seems that Castle loudspeakers are alive again, under the AIG banner. I was a previous owner of a castle loudspeaker, and I always kind of loved the sound and the finish of the product (It was a castle Chester floorstanding).

Anyway, I simply would like to know if any of you are buying the new series products, especially the knight one, and comments about these new products would be cool. I follow the compagny's life and I'm intrigued by the new products.

On the discussion forum of another site (CAM, great folks), someone mentionned me that: the name is the same but the sound is sadly completely different.

I was always curious about the sound of a Howard S3, and now it seems that I'll have to listend to the new Howard S3 as mutch.

I'm exploring these different avenues for a long term speaker change, and I'm debatting brands and models. Castle and Verity audio are currently in my thoughts.

As always, if anyone have info concerning these new Castle models (or old ones, for that matters), please let me know.

Excuse my poor english (but I tried, I tried), and have a good day of music.
if they're even close to the originals, they are winners. the howard and the harlech are classic in every sense of the word.
Well, you're not the first to point me that these speakers are great, but information about them seems rare. I'm especially searching answers about what to use to amp them, and also in witch room size are they made for.

I'm currently running an Audiomat Arp├Ęge in a 12 X 15 room. I'm afraid about boomy bass or amplification mismatch.

I'm by no means ready to move and I'm only gathering information about some models, but I'm very curious about the brand and the Howards.

Castles I've owned were at the time driven by a SS amp, a CEC, nothing comparable in sound to what I have now.

Thanks a lot.
There are a number of older Castle models reviewed in UHF magazine. Issue number 39 has a review of the Howard. It can be purchased as a back issue through their website if you're interested. It's a pretty old review though.
the howards and harlechs are 'please get me off the merry-go-round' products. forgiving, yet dynamic...good bass and sweet midrange. the finer qualities of the best brit sound, only historically they thumbed their nose at advertising and kissing audiophile asses, and sold at prices so reasonable, sceptics were many.