CAT amps comparison, continued

[This thread replaces a digression within a previous thread originally posted by Schorly regarding preamps for a CAT JL-2 amplifier. Schorly's thread sparked a conversation comparing the CAT amps with each other.]

Does anybody wonder, as I do, whether the increased power and circuitry of the JL-3s might actually detract from the reputed "SET-like" sound of the JL-2? With luck, this new thread will attract a reader who has had a chance to make an A/B comparison of the amps.

Thanks for continuing the discussion.
Well guys, if you can wait a few months, hopefully I will get back to Chicago around December with my JL-3 Signatures and get a chance to hear them vs. the JL-2 and the Atmasphere MA1's driving Sound-Lab U1's at EssentialAudio. So hold tight.