CAT amps comparison, continued

[This thread replaces a digression within a previous thread originally posted by Schorly regarding preamps for a CAT JL-2 amplifier. Schorly's thread sparked a conversation comparing the CAT amps with each other.]

Does anybody wonder, as I do, whether the increased power and circuitry of the JL-3s might actually detract from the reputed "SET-like" sound of the JL-2? With luck, this new thread will attract a reader who has had a chance to make an A/B comparison of the amps.

Thanks for continuing the discussion.
Well guys, if you can wait a few months, hopefully I will get back to Chicago around December with my JL-3 Signatures and get a chance to hear them vs. the JL-2 and the Atmasphere MA1's driving Sound-Lab U1's at EssentialAudio. So hold tight.
Hi Brian, please let us know your thoughts before the visit of John in December... we are all in a hurry :-)
Luke72, I know what the JL2 sounds like driving Sound Labs and can extrapolate what the JL3 Sigs will do, but it's probably not appropriate for me to post anything further here. However, I am the only dealer able to demonstrate the combination...