Cat damaged speaker, Help

I posted this on the Asylum, but wanted to get as many opinions as possible.

Our cat cut a slice that looks like a number "7" into the rubber surround of one of my speakers. The woofer is a 6.8" Scanspeak driver which I know is expensive to replace. The speaker seems to sound ok but the cut is bothering me. Is there any kind of glue I can use to repair it without doing more damage to the speaker, or should I just leave it alone? Any help would be appreciated.

Also try providing a system just for the cats so they are less tempted to disturb other systems.
1 -Personally? I would have the driver repaired professionally OR I would replace the driver.

2 -Get the cat(s) a scratching post.

A nice, tall one covered in sisal. Give the cat(s) a cat treat when they use it. Leave a couple of treats on the top of the post so they fall off when the cat uses it and you're not home. It works. Be consistent

Make sure they have lots of toys.

I have two cats - they do not mess with my things.
Oh I hate cats. Ive got my music room isolated from those claw devils. Cats seem to be vindictive. So if you punish them they will just get you back by tearing something up or using the bathroom in your bed. Tips on search criteria for new girlfried. Make sure she doesnt like felines if you value your stereo and sanity.

A year and a half later, do you think he has figured out a plan of action for his dilemma?