Cat friendly or actually unfriendly speaker

So my wife adopts a cat and now my speaker choices are more limited. Using at present a Plinius 8200mkII (175 watts)and have been using Joseph AUDIO RM7 mK11. Am looking for floorstanding speakers with speakers and grills well out of reach of a cat or another monitor that is special, a "step up" from the Josephs. Room is about 17 x 13 with hardwood floors and not a tremendous amount of absorbent furniture (which I know will impact on anything I get), speakers will be along the long wall, Also speakers need to be relatively easy to move for listenig or not more than 12-18 incles off the back wall (which is actually floor to ceiling bookcase). Thinking of Spendor sp1/2, harbeth compact 7 (which would be slightly more than my upper $ limit used), Totem Forest. Will be looking for these speakers used. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and no my wife will not consent to have the cat de-clawed.
I was at a friend's house once. He had a Siamese cat. We were in the kitchen. The cat walks in, sits in front of the refrigerator, looks up at the top of the fridge, and with one mighty leap, the thing jumped from the floor to the top of the fridge!!! My jaw hit the floor. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. Jumped from the floor to the top of the fridge!!! Supercat. No speaker is safe.
Ok guys, I know no speaker is "cat safe", but I would really appreciate your input about particular speakers in my situation, thanks
Maybe the cat will have an accident,get abducted by aliens,runaway from home,etc. You never know!!!!!
I caught my cat jumping up on my Spendor 1/2e speakers one day shortly after purchasing them. It was the first and last time she did it. Yes she is still alive (turned 16 today) and still has her claws. We came to a verbal understanding on that occasion, but just to be safe, when I am away for a bit I use BBQ grill covers on my speakers.

So just find a pair of speakers you like and get some covers for them. Plastic or vinyl will be better as cats aren't as fond of it.