CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7

I am considering to by me Watt/Puppy 6 or 7. I dont know which amlifier would be better with this speakers- CAT JL-2 Mk2(JL-3) or Lamm M1.2(1.1),ML1.1, ML2.1 ?
Can someone tell me the difference?
The cables are Transparent audio Reference XL(MM), source Kuzma Stabi Reference with Airline.Preamplifier probably the same brand as power amplifiers.
My music taste: most classic music,jazz and then some rock...
I prefer complexity , texture, neutrality and dinamics(macro and micro) within airie sounstage- but most important it must be music!
Thank you.
Raquel: I apologize for not responding about the differences between the JL3 and JL3 Signature, although I asked my CAT dealer friend and haven't received a reply (how's that for a feeble excuse?). One of the significant differences are the output transformers, I can assure you of that. Exactly what the differences are, I can't say. As far as I know there are other differences to justify the $8K premium over the standard JL3s. I'll send my friend a reminder and see if I can't come up with a more definitive description. I imagine Ken Stevens might say the JL3 Signatures are a step above the JL1 LEs. I'm pretty darn sure Ken will go on record saying the JL2 outperforms the JL1s, due in part to the use of Teflon circuit boards. It's an exciting sounding amplifier.

I had the JL 1 sigs for about 3 years and the JL 3 sigs for about a year and a half,the difference is not subtle as a matter of fact it is huge.I have compared the CAT gear to everthing I could find Lamm,Aesthetix,Nagra,conrad jonhson,mark levinson and nothing beats the CAT stuff.I am using Avalon Diamond speakers and a Cat ultimate2 preamp.The difference between the JL3 mk1 and MK2 is the use of black gate caps and some other changes,I have not heard them but Ken said it is a worthy improvment over the JL3 mk1 and I have no reason to doubt him,he is usually pretty accurate.I would recommend the CAT gear for any application.
Sorry guys, but I am not sure I well understood the matter: is the JL-2 more or less powerful than the previous standard JL-1 ? For what I read the JL-2 should be a 120w stereo instead of 100w mono... I also noticed there is a 300w hc JL-3 at a lower price than the 200w JL-3... I'm more than confused. If someone could explain me better the differences between the amps mentioned, I would be grateful.
Thank you all, Luca.
"I highly doubt that Mr. Stevens would bring on a new “statement” product that is sonically inferior to his previous “statement” product. And again, it is at a significant price drop."

Sure he would if he couldn't make money selling $50k amps. Given that there are only a dozen LE's in existence, that would seem to be the likely scenario.
Well, then it's settled...The 7's, with Transparent Audio Cables. The rest is subjective, as you can see a lot of great options are out their. The reference to the 5.1 sound of being steril with the Halcro's? perhaps...I never cared for the 5's, for me just to analytical and loose in the bass region's bottom octive (16-30hz). The 6.& 7. series however are VERY different critters, and someday I will have a pair for myself (Ferrari Red). But, again its a question of taste.