CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7

I am considering to by me Watt/Puppy 6 or 7. I dont know which amlifier would be better with this speakers- CAT JL-2 Mk2(JL-3) or Lamm M1.2(1.1),ML1.1, ML2.1 ?
Can someone tell me the difference?
The cables are Transparent audio Reference XL(MM), source Kuzma Stabi Reference with Airline.Preamplifier probably the same brand as power amplifiers.
My music taste: most classic music,jazz and then some rock...
I prefer complexity , texture, neutrality and dinamics(macro and micro) within airie sounstage- but most important it must be music!
Thank you.
Schorly: Let me atone for the earlier digression.

I have a close friend who used an L2 with JL-1 Limited Editions and all Transparent Ultra cabling on Salons. Sounded spectacular. The L2 is a solid-state preamp with tube power supply. The output impedence averages 150 Ohms -- it can drive any amp. It will outperform all current and past production CAT preamps in most systems (as for the new $15k CAT preamp -- who knows). As for the Manley, there are differing opinions on how it performs as a stand-alone preamp.

I will alert the friend I alluded to to this thread and see if he has anything to add (he replaced a CAT Mk. III with L2, which he replaced with a Meitner DCC2 that is fed by a Steelhead).
Schorly, I am the friend to whom Raquel referred. I don't think you can go wrong with the Lamm L2. It is an outstanding preamp, and, based on my personal experience with my system, the L2 certainly pairs well with the CAT amps (JL-1 LEs in my case).

As for the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various former and current production model CAT amps, I would tell you that it is easy to find people who are willing to express opinions on the topic, but it is a rare find indeed to find an unconflicted party who has comparative listening experience with the CAT JL-1 LEs and the current production model JL-3 monoblocks. I have not had the good furtune to listen to these two amps in a comparative listening situation, and I have yet to find anyone other than Ken Stevens himself who has been fortunate enough to have this experience.

The JL-1 LE amps are said to contain very special, irreplaceable, hand-wound transformers that are critical to the performance of the amps. Whether this transformer and the other expensive parts in the JL-1 LEs resulted in an amp that is superior to the sound of the current production model JL-3s is a question few can objectively answer.
Bob, thanks again for your explanation. You are really kind for trying to answer such a difficult question.
Thanks Raquel.
Bob, the CAT amplifiers dont have balanced inputs?! I am I right?
So I suppose you used RCA interconnects between Lamm L2 and JL-1. What would you say- which is the max. lenght for rca-interconnects if I put them between JL-2 and Lamm L2 preamp and not lose any quality in signal?