Cat-proofing your speakers...

Looking for ideas for large floor-standing boxes. Must completely protect front drivers and all exposed sides from sharp claws, but not veil the sound. Good WAF a plus!
I have two cats (and dogs) and none of them have ever messed with the speakers. I have several cat scratching post that I rub catnip all over. Just give them a place to scratch and you will be fine.

Spray them with water when they get close to the speakers. They will Lear fast.
digital deck covers dot com will make custom covers for your speakers ... this would protect them when not in use. then it would be up to you to keep the cats away when playing music
Cats getting harmed is hardly funny, cats can be trained. I have one still with claws as thats cruel to remove them and leaves cat with no defense should he escape. I should add that in 90% or more cases the cat is only as good as its owners effort, there really are no bad pets just ill equipped owners. Squirt guns, tinfoil, clickers, closed doors and sprays can work but all require owners to make time and effort to balance loving a cat and devolping its habbits.