Cat SL1mkIII or Jadis JPS-2

Hi; I'm considering buying a Cat SL1 MkIII or a Jadis JPS-2 preamp. My system consists of the Marantz SA-1 SACD, Jadis SE 300B, Goldmund Dialogue spkrs, and Marigo Audio cables, and inter connects. Your input would be greatly appreciated, so lets hear it from all you audiophiles.
Heard CAT with my music on great system in NYC. Heard same music with JPS2. WOW! The Jadis preamp once it got warmed-up was startling in the area of dynamics and visual image cues. This however, took time to happen. (about 30 minutes)I inquired about this phenomena and was told by people that it was the tube regulated power supply that provided the magic. I have no regrets and the Jadis left the CAT behind once it did warm-up.
Anyine compared the JPS-2, with the JPS2-S (it’s the balanced only version)?
Your weak link is   Marantz SA-1 SACD.

My recommendation is to get high end Dac with volume control like Dave Chord or Ayre QX 20.
Shkong78....if your system runs on balanced then I recommend the S verision.   Since it’s the latest version for sure it will be synergistic for system matching.  

The differences for sure will be the electrolytic caps, Jadis tends to do upgrades on the caps ( bright blue, to black and to blue).  Beside that the topology would be the same.  I do own the Jps2 but not the S version.  Happy Listening!