Catalog Completist?

How many of you out there are bent on getting an artist's complete catalog, even though the entirety of said catalog isn't always grand from first album to most recent?

I was struck by this as I was rearranging the CD collection, and noted I had all the AC/DC studio albums.  Some definitely resonate with me more than others, to say the least.  However, anything new they put out I will get.  Will it go in heavy rotation? Will it be "good"? Likely not at this point. But I will own the disc.

Some bands deliver throughout, some don't, but I still keep up with them. Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Cannibal Corpse, Green Day, are mixed examples of each for me.  I just can't seem to pass up a new release, even if I've been underwhelmed after streaming the record.  I just need to have it on the shelf.

Am I alone? What artists do you have all the physical copies of on your rack(s), regardless of individual release merit?

@yashu , I call it silly because I generally don't like live music recorded and the set lists on this set are not all that different. I do not need 7 more versions of songs I already have. I am sure it is good although I have not listened to it.
Slaw- No so with The Doors or Zeppellin Studio albums. I'm guilty of missing Soft Parade from the former, and In Through the Out Door!
Maybe Doors fans can forgive me, as I do have American Prayer (-:
I was a label completist with a lot of small electronic labels from the UK, US and Germany.. Then I started running out of space. Now I'm more selective but still keep an eye on record labels that put out  quality releases. 

Is this just an electronic music thing?