Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?

This actually happened during the holidays.  I'm having a hard time dealing with it.  I've owned my Music Reference RM9 amp for over 15 years.  While replacing a fuse, something I've done easily over 2 dz. times thru the yrs, The amp tipped over.  Long story short, the way the unit fell damaged/smashed most of the tubes (12 in total!).  Man, seriously, I practically feel like I've lost a member of my family!  I've been in contact with Roger Modjeski at Ram Labs and they've been 100% supportive even though I'm not the original owner.  But the dilemma is substantial, the amp can be repaired no doubt, but to transport it from S. Fl. to Ca., plus tube replacement, plus possible other repairs.  Not sure it makes dollas & sense.  The fact is I'm not the youngster I was when I 1st acquired the gear, plus being retired the money ain't what it used to be.  This accident has seriously got me considering whether I should continue with the hobby.  The gear, 1000's of records and CD's somehow, suddenly feels like a bit much.  I've been into the gear for 35+ yrs. but I've been a music-lover my entire life, I'll never stop listening....but maybe it's time to downsize?  Ram Labs has offered help in testing, and/or repairing, and even offered the alternative of selling the unit for parts.  Tremendous support!  I think I'd be able to sell it but I just can't bring myself to go down that road, not yet.  So into the 'spares' closet she goes, and since I don't have another amp, it's headphone time!  

Here's hoping y'all have a safe and incident-free New Year!
I just sent my Ayre amp back to Ayre.   I went through the same questions.....   I decided to continue with the music.  You'll get over the expense and effort.  Go for it!
Remove the broken tubes. Remove the bottom cover and check for loose parts. If none found replace bottom cover. Buy replacement tubes. No need to send it to RAM in CA! Other than the glass tubes these amps are inherently rugged. Just don't drop it from the roof of a multi-story building!
Tom Tutay Transition Audio Design is located in Fort Walton Beach FL. He is a highly recommended tube guy. 
Chazro: The only option you've raised that seems illogical to me is ditching your entire music collection and forgoing listening (which presumably gives you a bit of pleasure) because you damaged the amplifier. Personally, I'd not pursue the homeowner's insurance since repair and shipping are unlikely to exceed your deductible and - as already noted - you'll almost certainly have premiums raised because you filed a claim.
+1 roberjerman. Open her up and look for damage. Buy new tubes. See if she works and if she don’t then you have a decision to make.