Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?

This actually happened during the holidays.  I'm having a hard time dealing with it.  I've owned my Music Reference RM9 amp for over 15 years.  While replacing a fuse, something I've done easily over 2 dz. times thru the yrs, The amp tipped over.  Long story short, the way the unit fell damaged/smashed most of the tubes (12 in total!).  Man, seriously, I practically feel like I've lost a member of my family!  I've been in contact with Roger Modjeski at Ram Labs and they've been 100% supportive even though I'm not the original owner.  But the dilemma is substantial, the amp can be repaired no doubt, but to transport it from S. Fl. to Ca., plus tube replacement, plus possible other repairs.  Not sure it makes dollas & sense.  The fact is I'm not the youngster I was when I 1st acquired the gear, plus being retired the money ain't what it used to be.  This accident has seriously got me considering whether I should continue with the hobby.  The gear, 1000's of records and CD's somehow, suddenly feels like a bit much.  I've been into the gear for 35+ yrs. but I've been a music-lover my entire life, I'll never stop listening....but maybe it's time to downsize?  Ram Labs has offered help in testing, and/or repairing, and even offered the alternative of selling the unit for parts.  Tremendous support!  I think I'd be able to sell it but I just can't bring myself to go down that road, not yet.  So into the 'spares' closet she goes, and since I don't have another amp, it's headphone time!  

Here's hoping y'all have a safe and incident-free New Year!
Leave  the OP alone. He doesn't have the funds to go to a new amp.

Let's wish him well and hope just replacing the tubes will resurrect his amp. If it doesn't, I bet Roger will be able to help him.

Repositioning the fuse holder may have corrected problems with accessibility, but I doubt that would correct the issue of the fuse actually blowing.

it’s still not clear if the many fuse replacements are with this amp, or with all of your gear combined.

If it’s mostly the amp, then that indicates a problem.

Possibly the replacement is of the wrong rating (amperage; if you’re just replacing what was in there, then there’s a chance that the previous owner used a undersized fuse and you are repeating his mistake), or the wrong type (it may require a slow blow).

If most of the replacements were on that amp, and the correct replacements were used, then the amp has a problem and should be reviewed by someone that’s competent and preferably knowledgeable about that particular amp. In that case I’d say that it probably should be shipped back Ram Labs.

PS: Don’t beat yourself up too badly, learn the lesson and move on. Happiness is a choice, how do you want to spend the time you have left?

I second  Tom Tutay Transition Audio Design iFort Walton Beach FL.  He redesigned/rebuilt a Precision Fidelity C8 preamp for me in 2002.  PM me for his tel no.
If you have had to regularly replace fuses then no matter what else send it back to its maker, he needs to see it.
Slow down a minute.

put the old set of tubes in it and turn it on. if it functions then use what you have til your ready willing and able to buy whatever tubes you want.

and set the damn thing on a table and towel before fiddling with it.

it’s a minor setback in the grand and deal with it.i do feel your pain-
party on garth...