caveat emptor

I know it's rather esoteric to understand, but be advised that an ad is using recycled pictures in it's post. very questionable "feedback" as well. Remember, one or 2 $5 purchases can earn you positive feedback.
One clue to also watch for us uneven or awkward grammatical phrasing.

I'm just sayin ......
"Roxy54 you owe Tgyeti an apology, he/she
was simply trying to be helpful. Caveat emptor indeed!"

No, I don't think that I owe him an apology. His concern is valid, and it may indeed be a fraudulent ad, but his cryptic post was not helpful. Now that he has identified the poster, it is helpful, and I give him full credit.
I also have noticed adds with recycled pictures. One idea, which I have not tried, is to ask a public question that raises your suspicion. That way everyone visiting the ad is alerted to your suspicion. If the seller is legitimate they will want to clarify or address the issue. Has any one tried this?
I don't think an apology is owed either. If you have something to say, say it, no need to be cute and cryptic.
Snofun - agreed. I was being "cute and cryptic" to try and save a little face if the ad happened to be legit.
Mcloughlin - I did ask a public question in the ad, though "he" deleted the question.

..... and now the ad is gone. Yep, fraud.
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