thank you. Using 105/3s in 4ohm mode. 8ohm mode some how generated distortion after 11oclock level. As expected Kefs wants lots of current i assume. Tekton perfect set 15 i ordered,  12 weeks wait time so another 9 weeks to go. That would be a great test. I also test audioquest and requisite cables. Ares ii and raspberry pi streaming stays same. X7 is really good too but X9 sound debt and larger sound is good. Big price difference though X9 is 1k more. I guess we get what we pay for. Both are amazing value. I need to figure out how to share photos here. 
You have 2 very capable amplifiers, however I do understand the allure of the SET and why you are drawn to it. This type of amplifier if executed properly stirs much musical emotion and gets you more involved/connected with the music. I would be surprised if things do not further improved once you receive the more efficient  Perfect SET speakers. It’s impressive your SET is doing this well with the KEFs.
The Cayin brand is owned and manufactured entirely by the Chinese government.  Personally, this would be a deal breaker for me though I know for others it is not an issue.(Yes, I know where my iPhone is manufactured, thank you.)
No. I like manual anyway it feels like i have the control. By the way Tekton perfect set 15s came a couple of days ago. I am really happy with the great match.