Cayin A-88t vs. Almarro A318B

Both these are integrated amps that get wonderful reviews.

Anyone ever heard both? Which did you prefer?

I'm going to pair it with Acoustic Zen Adagios
With your speakers, I wouldn't consider the A318B unless you only listen at low volumes. I don't think it will have enough power to properly drive your speakers at realistic levels. That alone will make the 88T the obvious choice IMO.

your speakers probably would be a tough load for the Almarro as Aball says but the Almarro sounds bigger than it's 18W per channel SET design looks on paper. the Cayin has nominally more power and both amps will sound very different from each other. If you have any way to audition each amp that would be optimum scenario. Speakers that are 89 db and 6 ohm nominal usually flourish with high current sand amps. Good luck in your hunt.
I had the 318B and AZ Adagios - as long as your room is not huge, your CD player has "normal" output or you don't only listen to techno, house, hip-hop or "11-volume level" metal ... you may be very pleased by this combo.

It excelled in a natural, spot-on tonality, surprisingly deep and naturally tight bass w/ pure mid-range magic.

One warning, the 381B needs a long initial break-in and runs frightfully hot. It responds well, however, to small signal tube rolling and tweaks like cap upgrades and power cords.
AZ Adagio in Singapore mated the speakers with 318B and sounded wonderful, but the room was small and volume was playing on the low side. however, soul of music was all there.
I use the Adagios with a 22 watt SET and it lacks for nothing. The adagios are a benign load, pretty flat 6ohms, that is what tubes need. I used a 180watt Karan K180 and preferred the grip and control of the SET. The Almarro's may have a bit less power, but I still think they will sound good.