Cayin A-88T vs Cary SLI-80 Signature

Has anyone done an A/B comparison on these two amps?
Thanks and good listening!
I heard both of these in system's at the dealers and at a friends...The Cary SLI80 by far the best.I must state that the Cary was the Hot Rodded (F1 version)..
By no means the Cayin was that bad,but you can't beat that Cary sound.They are 2 different tube sounds,something you would have to judge for yourself if you can do the demo.
I think they were discontinuing the 88T and the 100T has replaced it.
I would have like to hear the Cayin 100T but didn't have access to it.
I did here the Cayin 100T just last week by itself on a pair of Von Schweikert VR4sr and liked it,but no Cary around to compare it to.
I owned both- for extended periods.

Cary SLI-80 by a mile- and don't sell it once you get it :)
It has been a couple of years but the SLi-80 seemed to be a little more extended and clearer with a touch more detail . This comparing was done on a couple of different VS speakers which I find a little too warm for my taste .

I ended up with the Cayin and a pair of De Capo i's , purchased at the same time . I got a good deal on the Cayin which is why I bought it . Had I known how difficult the Cayin was to bias I would have opted for the Cary .

Myself and a few others could hear the difference but , for me , it was not enough to warrant the large difference in price . I have refered to the 88T as the poormans SLi-80 .

Good luck .