Cayin's CDT16A, Lyric T8A, opinions/reviews?

I'm interested in Cayin's digital players, however the web site is in german, and nothing mentioned in the threads. Anyone heard either, know the difference of the 2, prices?
I see both offer tube output, which is exactly what interests me.
i think someone who can converse in German should email Cayin and have them post a website in english. their products are actually of u.s.a. design and chinese mfg., how germany got involved in this is beyond me.
Well since I posted this, I bought a used Cayin 12,, back in Sept/05 tube or optional ss output. And let me say, I can indeed hear a difference with the out running through the 2 Bugle Boys (upgrade free from sellere...THANKS!) output. Now I see Cayin has that 17 balanced tube cdp, offers 2 tubes/channel, with dual trans(or what ever those 2 round objects are behind the transport.
Anyway, i hope to get one this summer, and will keep everyone posted. Will be running through a Jadis Orch Reference + the Seas Thor's, a MTM kit that Richard Grey did the soldering on , in August. The Thors need a bigger amp for that extra bass, but I'm quite happy with the simple cost effective set up.
My next amp, Cayin 860 monos or the european model, MK500 intergrated, has 4 GU29's (russian, monster tubes), at $4500. Look for that in 06.