CD and/or LP collections. Is it about the music?

The question has been asked many times and in different ways about how much your system cost, or what componants you have but I have another question.
How many CDs, LPs, SACDs, 8-tracks, or cassettes do you own? It's only fair to ask since this is really about the music isn't it?
About 400 cd's and 50 lp's. CDR's have changed me too as I've digitized all of my cassette tape bootlegs, greatly increasing my cd total.
Buscis2, if you're listening to Katy Lied, you likely realize that this is the worst recorded of all the Dan/Fagen LP's. If any LP every CRIED OUT for remixing, it is Katy Lied. But then, the details surrounding this recording are legendary. Pity, too, because nearly every track is just dynamite, IMHO. If you MUST listen to these songs on CD, the KL songs on the CITIZEN compilation are much better than the orignal discs, strange as that may seem.

Me, 2800+ LP's, about 300 CD's. It is ALL about the music for me. I keep adding to my LP's at the rate of about a dozen per week, sometimes more. I got into jazz about two years ago and there went a few quick large. Right now, I am buying some newer music, but also carefully purchasing upgrades to many of my favorite from the 60's and 70's. Original pressings are mostly what I have, but some were kept away from the swill of the party crowds of yore better than others..................
Unfortunately, you absolutely right 4yanx. It seems when they were on the ABC label (Can't Buy A Thrill, Pretzel Logic, Countdown To Ecstasy, Katy Lied and Royal Scam), the sound was not as great as the later recordings with MCA.

Fortunately, once their "musical magic" starts, the sonics tend to take a back seat.
My wife thinks I'm over the edge with my cd purchases. Though, I ONLY have about 350, I've gone pretty heavy in the last year. (last purchase being 20 XRCDs) I'm going to show her all these threads. I'm over the edge? She's not a member of the 'gon. OK, to let her read about your LP/cd mania? peace, warren
Warren....I don't care if she reads this stuff. It will either make you look good by comparison, or reinforce her notion that ALL men are over the edge (just that some of us have fallen farther than others!).