CD Cases / Furniture Recommendations?

I have a collection of 1,000 CDs that are currently on shelves, simply stacked vertically (on their short sides). Can anyone recommend a good solution to hold and organize these? What has worked for you?
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Old thread but I’m still going to chime in. I have several Boltz stand which I really like but I question how they are doing today. Ordered a stand a year ago and it took about two months to get which with Covid I understood. Ordered another stand three weeks ago thinking they should be doing better and it seems they’re not. Sent an email to them last week and after a couple days received a response they are waiting for parts and could be a couple more weeks, then my stand has to wait in line for clearcoat which could be another week. All said and done I’m betting from order to landing at my front door it will be close to two months again. Great racks, but it takes awhile to receive one.



Keep me posted if you pick up Per Madsen cd cabinet.


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