CD Changers

I'm looking for any information on any High-End, or at least better than average, CD changers. I have a Technics SL-PD947 it's got some great features and all, but I know I'm missing out using this as a source. I'm just trying to find something good for continues music during parties and working around the house. Hope you can help.
You could use the toslink or coaxial digital output, and use the changer as a transport for a better expternal DAC. If you don't want to do that, the Harmon Kardon and Denon CD changers look decent to me, but I've not heard them. A DVD changer would allow you to play 24/96 audio discs, as well as CD's and DVD movies.
Hi Don; I do what Carl suggested above, ie use toslink out of my Sony CA9ES changer to a good out board DAC. If you want the best stand alone CD changer, look at CAL Audio's CL-5 (less than $1000.) or CL-10 ($1500). They are 5 CD carosel changers with lots of programming options, and are well regarded musically-- I'm considering the CL-10 myself. Happy Hunting. Craig
Hi, Anthem CD 1 is an above average CD changer. Certainly worth a try. Regards,