CD direct to monobloks?

I have a Shnaling SCD-T200 and a couple of Rotel Rb-1091 monobloks. According to the Shanling manual it is possible to connect directly the CD to the amps without a preamplifier since the CD has the capability of a variable output via it´s remote control. Is this a good idea? Will I miss some sound quality with this setup? OTOH I have a Primare integrated amp with a variable pre out output, Can I use the variable pre out output to feed the monobloks? As for a preamplifier all I got is an old adcom GTP-350. Any comments out there? Thanks in advance for your input.
Well I tried the variable output from the Primare I21, the sound was thin and compressed. Then I feed the amps direct from the Shanling, with the same result. In the end the best sound I got is from the pre Adcom GTP-350. Not bad all all! Still I wonder if I could get a better sound with a best new/used preamplifier, since the Adcom is an old and basic pre. Any suggestions about a pre that could match the monobloks? Any help from Rotels owners would be very much appreciated.
03-12-12: Westborn
A quality tube preamp is the most important component in the audio chain.

I had this experience when I upgraded to a Nagra PL-L last year.
I assume you have tried the cdp direct to the integrated? If not, why not? It very well may be your best combination.
Douglas I did try the cd direct option and the sound was thin and compressed. Besides the level of cdp output run out pretty quik!