Cd disc changers.

Just wondering if there are really any good high end cd changers that anyone would know about. I am thinking about adding one used. Thanks. 
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sorry for necrojacking this thread but I have to tell you:  the Philips CDC875 is a terrific changer and one of the only changers with the famous TDA1541A DAC (I opened mine to verify and it's the S1 version of TDA1541A).

Some say "no changer sounds good".  I think this Philips is very warm.  Newer DACs may be superior but if you want to go that route, just use the coax out!

I've had mine for years and the guy before me had it since new.  It's probably 20+ years old?  No troubles whatsoever
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I think my Sony  CD/DVD CX777ES 400 disc player sounds good to me. Not sure if it can be classified as 'high end' or not though.

I also have a Sony but not the carousel, I think it’s the 5400 ES.  I t hasn’t played a disc in 6 months or so.  It sounds great via HDMI into my Bryston DAC-3 but I have an Opportunity 105 in the system doing the same thing, so it’s redundant.  Keeping it in case the Oppo ever fails
Haven’t had one in my systems for 10+ years, but of the four I had, the Harman Kardon 5-cd drawer style sounded the best (can’t recall if an 8350 or 8550), and the Sherwood 200-cd with dual players the coolest.
All of them are pretty much destined to break in some fashion, but the latent masochist in me is thinking about resurrecting one too.