CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl

No comparison, CD always sounds so cold and gritty. Vinyl is so much warmer, smoother and has better imaging and much greater depth of sound. It’s like watching the world go by through a dirty window pane when listening to a CD. Put the same LP on the turntable and Voila! Everything takes on more vibrancy, fullness and texture. 
£20k of CD player to listen to the rubbish like the Daft Punk ?

Do you realize that they are recorded digitally in the studio, so what is the point to compare vinyl recorded from the digital master to a CD from a digital master ?

The goal of analog is ANALOG, not a digital converted to analog.

Get youself some proper original records from the 70’s to make sure you’re listening to the state of the art analog, not a digitally remastered reissue or new music recorded digitally. Original pressing from analog master tape is where the vinyl is better than CD of the same music recorded later from digital source.

Daft Punk’s "Random Access Memories" was recorded to tape using almost entirely 70s studio gear. That was why the album cost the million dollars it did as these guys were buying up and rebuilding 70s gear to allow them to make an analogue recording. There is very little EQ used in the mix, no is a wonderful recording. Check this article out to read the great lengths they went to to create an authentic 70s sounding recording:
...and it is a fabulous album. Check out the last track ’Contact’ for an epic 21st century prog sounding finale. Or ’Touch’ for a masterpiece of light and shade: a choral wonder. Or ’Georgio by Moroder’ for some of the best drumming you will ever hear as it reaches its climax.

Re my vinyl vs cd comparison: we mainly compared 70s material as you suggest; original Dark Side Of The Moon LP with first edition straight CD transfer (original CD masters were usually a simple trtransfer from the master tapes) and also compared to the James Guthrie 2011 remaster. I preferred the Guthrie remaster, my friend preferred the LP, but the differences were not massive = testament to Guthrie’s remastering skills. We compared a 70s Rush album, Carole King and more. CD would lose badly only when a version with brickwalled remastering was compared to original 70s vinyl. Well remastered CD or first edition CD was very close with myself usually preferring CD, my friend vinyl.

Sleep walker 65 , your digital is so poor , no wonder it is not close to your turntable, try investing $5k in a aluminum player,or antipode, Aurender
but first alll your music library needs to be ripped to a shard drive 
then  your digital will take on yet another level like myself I use only Solid state drives,night and day faster ,no mechanical switching and a better medium .
and dsd recordings may or may not even become main stream.
hd tracks and other down loads give you hires recordings. A 24/96 bit recording 
is the standard for most quality recordings and 2 x more musical information 
then any record can provide 12 bits is all that is possible. You like records for they are richer .there are incredible digital products out there ,Vacuum Tube ,
and solid state.  Start reading computer Audiophile.
 Your are driving a Kia for digital and untill you get into something on a 
much higher level you will never know. Go to a quality Audio store and sit down 
and listen . For you to evening of your cables for analog to be Beldon
is way down on the audio quality list. Heldon make a great Ethernet cable,
thats it . Myself modify all my gear for stock equipment unless $$ high end 
internally is all builtto a price point .for the record, no pun intended less then
25% of the cost of a item actually goes into the product, the rest R&D overhead
and markup. That is why you put much better wiring , upgrade speaker Xovers 
and internal resistor capacitors power supplies. Even your record player is far from the top. Yes ur quality is = to maybe a $3k system at best . Strat getting out more to the Audio stores. What is the rest of yoursystem ,Speakers,
electronics,and cables ? This too tells a lot about the weakest link in the chain.
this is one hobby that being frugal will  expose many short coming .
tome to start spending $$ to get with the times. I owned a Audio store for years
and seen people spend $50k on a system but would not spend even $2500
on cables ,even offering to lend  them to compare. Afraid of spending more 
mentally csnt justify why a cable should be expensive.  Check out all your options.
Isn't CD a dead format these days?   Hilarious that vinyl will outlive it.

anyone that says vinyl destroys itself after every play is an idiot.  set your cartridge up correctly and your vinyl records will last longer than you.
CD has great potential. They never figured out how to deal with the scattered light problem. That’s all. They probably didn’t even know there was a problem.
Well, from what I have recently read in certain industry insider white papers that I am legally bound not disclose the authors, there are now both left handed and right handed scattered light shifters that have pretty much tackled this thorny issue.