CD no more produced?

Except dictated shops, the CD's are stopped selling on major shopping malls.
Due to unavailability of CD started looking  at streaming, finally selected Tidal, but I am not satisfied, Using Teac DAC, Spec RSA717Ex integrated amp paired with Dali speakers

And also downloaded few albums through paid service for Hiresaudio and  burned to CD, the quality of sound is not comparable with Music company produced CD's.
Have Music company's have stopped producing CD? 

One of the best source of CD is

With clearance sale, I bought more than 200 new CDs from them paying 700$ last 2 months.

I had enjoyed lot of musical, old rock, soundtrack bought from there.

@lowrider57 , appreciate the reference to Discogs. For some reason I assumed they were vinyl only.

Also, when I said Amazon (for used) that was a misprint and I corrected it to say eBay. Not every seller on eBay includes the various codes and numbers for a Cd but most do and most show images of the case and CD itself so you can tell what you're getting.

I think the eBay advantage is that most of these sellers do not know if what they have is a good recording or not so there is no price inflation.

Now, if you're looking for rare stuff, Japanese releases etc then the prices are high.

When buying a CD from a new artist or release you don't have a lot of options.

And I know this is a dead horse that has been beaten repeatedly but most new CD releases are DR compressed/loud. But, there is no way around it if you want the CD and even if you want a hi-res download, stream or vinyl of the same album they are as likely as not to be just as compressed as the CD. The point being, it is problem across the board, not just with CDs.
Best source for CD(s) and virtually all digital media can be found at

I most definitely agree that commercial CD(s) are much better than any streaming option that I've experienced, especially given all the very effective tweaks that are out there that can make a 'huge' difference in sound quality. 
I get all my CDs from, unless I buy them directly from artists at shows, looking for a specific box set, or they arrive from