CD or DVD player to use as a transport

Worried about the life of the Onkyo C-7030 CD player I'm currently using as a transport.  Looking for another CD player (or DVD player) that has coax and optical output that I can use as a CD transport.  Looking for reliability.  
I use an Emotiva ERC-4 CDP @ $600 new and it is noticeably much better than my Oppo 203 regardless of whether I use the built In DACs of each device or connect to an external DAC. However the best performance by far comes with the use of an AES cable into my DAC that being a Holo Spring Level 1. Everything else being equal I find AES to be far superior to coax or toslink. 
I have debated whether to replace my 25+ year old Pioneer PD-M702 CD changer.  I know the consensus here is that it is junk, but it sounds good to me and still works.  The other consideration is that I have a Bluesound Vault 2i and have loaded all my CDs onto that for playback and don’t use the CD changer very much now.  

If I were to replace the Pioneer, I have been looking at Audiolab CDT6000, which is a transport, so I would still need to get a DAC to use with it.  I’ve seen the CDT6000 for sale for $500;  then add the price of the DAC and I’m up close to $1,000.  I just don’t know if the expense is worthwhile for something I might not play much.  

I suppose if I was in OP’s position, I might opt for an inexpensive player that already has the built-in DAC.  I don’t recall if the Cambridge is a player or transport, and that would be good to know before he makes his decision.  
Cambridge Audio CXU Universal Player !!! Eats everything CD, SACD, HDCD, DVD, Bluray, and some other formats. Highly capable DACs on board, audio upsampling future, oh and extremely regarded Pure Audio future which disables all electrical chains except those which takes part in audio path, even front panel lights are disappears all in favor off lowering interference and cleaner sound.