CD player

I mainly stream music but do have a considerable jazz and classical music CD collection which I like to listen to on occasion. My CD player is a NAD C515bee. I run it through analog connection or as a transport vis Schiit Modi 3 DAC. To my ears I prefer NAD internal DAC which appears more open and dynamic but also harsh. I am considering getting a better CD player but would prefer to stay between $600 and $1000. I am looking at Rotel C11tribute, Marantz 6007CD or Audiolab CDT6000 which I would use with Schiit Modi 3 DAC. I am wondering if Schiit Modi 3 DAC is good enough to use with Audiolab and which of these three choices would provide best audio results? Rest of my system is Naim Nait 5si, ML 35XTI and ML Dynamo 800X speakers/sub. Thanks



You hit the nail on the head, even Roon can't get classical right. Yes and Audiolab is probably the best bet unless you can run to a more expensive Marantz, Denon or Sony

+1 for the CDT 6000. Blows away any cd player at 2-3Xs the price that I've owned (currently an Oppo 105 with aftermarket LPS module + other upgrades), but as you said it requires a dac. My CDT is connected to an Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5, using a Pangea Premier SE coax cable

I tried the Audiolab CDT6000 with my Denafrips Ares2 and sent it back...Didn't like what I the CEC belt drive CDTransport and the "music" coming out is so addicting....I can't wait till the evening when I can enjoy my new "music" system.  Belles Aria and Tekton Pendragons  and Schiit Loki Mini EQ...Awsome. Inow listen to pure music...not the electronics.

Sure a belt drive is akin to a belt drive turntable, but is it all in the head that it sounds analog? 

Why not just buy the companion Naim 5cdsi?

It is said to pair very well with the 5si amp. Plus Naim seems to recommend that you use the DIN connection over the RCA. The cdssi comes with the DIN cable in the box. The 5cdsi is a very nice player with an interesting way to load a cd, as you must open the cd tray manually and then apply a puck atop the cd. It seems to have a very good review in WhatHiFi and elsewhere. The Naims paired together should have great synergy. Yes, the 5cdsi is over budget, $1699, but you can grab one for about 10% off from Hawthorne if you call and ask for a deal. Remember, you are only buying it once, so it may be worth it. By the way, I own both the Naim 5si and the 5cdsi....

Lastly, I would be using Naim Nac A5 speaker cables with that Naim 5si...they will ensure that you are getting the very best from the 5si.