CD player

I mainly stream music but do have a considerable jazz and classical music CD collection which I like to listen to on occasion. My CD player is a NAD C515bee. I run it through analog connection or as a transport vis Schiit Modi 3 DAC. To my ears I prefer NAD internal DAC which appears more open and dynamic but also harsh. I am considering getting a better CD player but would prefer to stay between $600 and $1000. I am looking at Rotel C11tribute, Marantz 6007CD or Audiolab CDT6000 which I would use with Schiit Modi 3 DAC. I am wondering if Schiit Modi 3 DAC is good enough to use with Audiolab and which of these three choices would provide best audio results? Rest of my system is Naim Nait 5si, ML 35XTI and ML Dynamo 800X speakers/sub. Thanks


Thanks, I am still considering and 5cdsi is an option. I am currently using RCA to 5PIN DIN connectors for CD player and one of the British made speaker cables that meet Naim Nac A5 standards. 

@buddyboy1 : "Inow listen to pure music...not the electronics." Maybe you’ve never heard a crank up gramophone playing acoustic 78’s! What you think you are hearing with that CEC is caused by expectation bias. The shiny new toy always gives the most pleasure, at least for awhile! Digital is NOT like Analog and the old ideas do not apply - particularly vibration control inside transports or CD players. It is a non-issue even in the cheapest players!

@jasonbourne52 ...Then go buy a $299 CD player if that's the case and don't even start a discussion about suggestions for a new CD player and take all cd players and transports over $299 off the market....BTW my $599 Arum Beta S Cartridge is just groovy  :>)