Cd player

Hi guys been building a new HI FI system and been waiting on the HI FI Rose 130, but want to light this system up! Lol Whats a really nice cd player that will not be the weak link? I am running mcintosh c2700, Power Q 707,  Mcintosh 611s & B&W 801 N all with high end cables. 

Thanks for all your input Matt 


Another vote for the C.E.C. Tl5. Well built, sounds great and an excellent value.


If you can find a California Audio Labs Icon II, especially with the Boss transformer upgrade BUY IT. I have had one for years, using it as a transport with a HIFI tuning fuse and a Puritan Audio AC cord. These units are bullet proof. Built like tanks with military grade circuit boards. Pure joy from the golden age of American high end audio. Like new condition units can be found for less than a grand. Nothing to think about and something different....

I have a Silver OPPO 105D it's on eBay is been barely used and only of Streaming and it's great flexible machine Audio and Video with all kinds of inputs and outputs.


Own Jay's Audio CD3 Mk III.  It is terrific.  Stunning dynamics, soundstage, attack, timbre and separation of instruments/vocals.  I’m sure other top flight products sound great also.

I do understand and respect those practicing product selection shaded by geopolitics.  I simply put forth that at times the debate becomes slippery.  

Don’t step into that Thyssen-Krupp elevator until you know the firm’s history. Porsche, Maybach and Mercedes definitely off your list.  Mitsubishi products like Furutech wire, Hell no!  Cuban cigars…. You get my drift.

It’s a very connected world making it challenging to cleanly strike targets.  Enjoy the art.  Cheers