CD player choices

Hi,  I have a NAD M5 running through a Yamaha A S 2100.  Speakers are Mirage M3 or OM5.  Cannot decide between them.  I was looking at other players for a little more vertical extension as the NAD is very good but not a lot of air.  .  I am not into hyper detail and do not like that grey sound I seem to hear from the Oppo 105 and 95 I had  I think it is an ESS thing? Richness and body to images is a good thing.  I was looking at

Denon DCD 1600NEYamaha CD S1000Sony 5400
I tried the Sony before I go the Amp and felt the NAD and an older Sony were more full bodied.  I owned a Denon 1650AR for 10 years and really enjoyed it and the Denon DBP 2012 universal SACD Blu Ray player I have is really good.  I just wish the stage was bigger but everything else is really good about it.

I am not looking for anything different then these OK maybe a Marantz SA 8001 available locally but have had the 8005 and 8004 and felt others were better  I guess the question  is has anyone compared the above players head to head?? Thanks
I have considered that also but other sources seem OK.  Have tried different cables. The Yamaha is a great amp but it is a definite possibility.   The overall question still remains on the players Thanks
if you can try the m5 in another setup , try that and see if you have the same results.

i would also look at getting a better cable to the cd player as something as easy as that could be the issue.

Pioneer elite dv-58avi. And. Pioneer elite dv-79avi.
best players I’ve ever heard. 
 Yamma cd-s300 pr newer s303 I think?

great players. 
New Yamaha cds303 is better than the 300, better dac.