CD player cuts out

Hi guys,

I have a Resolution Audio CD50 that has started cutting out a little bit. It is relatively infrequent - perhaps every 10-20 cds listened to - and is only for a couple seconds. It usually continues tracking the disc and sound comes back within a couple seconds. 

I tried cleaning the laser with isopropyl alcohol and a cuetip but that didn’t seem to effect anything. 

Any other thoughts or tips to solve this problem? I know the CD player is long in the tooth but it still sounds great. Would love to eek out some more time with it. 


(((Try not to use alcohol or Windex on any optics you may have in the house, they do attack glue or glass, at least in microscope objectives. Get a bottle of Zeiss lens cleaner off Amazon)))

I fix Discmans as a hobby, and in most cases this skipping, more pronounced at the end of a disk, means worn spindle motor. Since CD drives for CD50 were discontinued decades ago, you may try to reset CD platter onto a new Mabuchi motor.

Alternatively, if only some specific CDs skip, then you are in a good company of "post-VRDS" Wadia owners ;-) learn to live with this glitch... You may find this post (at interesting:

I give up with the link!!! here is the address:

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Here's a long shot ... as your R/A CD50 is an older model ... some of the lubricant on the CD sled guide rails may have dried and hardened in some spots … when the sled hits one of these dry patches  it will be slowed or stalled not allowing the laser to lock correctly with the spinning disc … once the laser sled passes over/through this spot ... it should regain the correct lock with the CD data stream and stop skipping 

Can you remove the cover and locate the lased transport system and see if you can gentle clean the rails 

Good luck

+1 for checking sled gears and sleds, if you are lucky that's might be it!
Forgot to add: before opening anything check how it plays CDR and CDRW first, it may give you a better idea on what is going on. 
Thanks all!

@sevs it plays CDRs mostly fine. Sometimes a CDR will give me an Error upon insertion, but if i reinsert the disc a couple times it will read and then play fine. 

Does that that tell you anything?

I have one Eno CD that frequently gives me an error upon insertion, but I believe this is due to the early 2000s anticopy-protection embedded in this disc.