CD player or DAC for Luxman with harbeth?

Considering to buy a DAC or A CDP around 2k used or new for my harbeth C7 with my Luxman 550 A II amp, based on your experiences.
I most have to add that i did not like the synergy harbeth luxman with PS audio perfect wave DAC.
I am also looking for advice on cables and tricks to make this system stay on my living room for a while.
regards to you all.
What are you comparing your digital synergy with? Your analog front end, someone else's system? You'll need to describe your system in detail.
you can try bryston bda-1,pretty good,vibrating sound expreirence in to room,enveloping sound ,some call it dementionality,using atlas titan rca cables with bda-1.As far as I know luxman has xlr input,for start you can can try some pro cable,I use van damme digi grade with neutrik xlr gold plated plugs.
Agree with Vic. If you don't say what you're trying to change/achieve in the overall sonic characteristics of your system, what you did not like about the PS Audio DAC, your current CDP/transport/DAC, etc., you're going to get a bunch of uninformed and less helpful recommendations.

That said, I personally would not buy a $2k CDP today. I'm not a computer guy in the least, but the handwriting is on the wall that even a fairly modest, well-implemented computer-based system can far eclipse virtually any $2k CDP and rival players several times that cost (for example, see Paul Candy's review of JPlay on Positive Feedback). So, unless you're resigned to never enter the computer-based world, I'd buy a good DAC that you can use and be happy with now with an eye toward using it as the heart of a computer-based system in the future.

Best of luck.