CD Player Recommendations…

Looking for CD player recommendations that mate well with a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated and Revel F30 speakers. Cabling is Discovery Essential speaker cables and matching Essence interconnects. I’m thinking the player should be on the neutral to perhaps slightly recessed/relaxed mids to synergize with the A308 and F30’s more forward characteristics. 
I love my Rega Apollo. Smooth sounding, for sure. A little over a grand but I am real happy with it. Fun to use, too. 
Why "save" the fidelity of a CD.  Rip it once to a hard drive with error correction, then play it jitter free from then on.  There is a lot of reflected laser light and idiosyncrasies in mechanical players, it never ends.

 Put your money toward a good DA converter and then a superregulator to power it. 
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