CD player recs under $2000 to replace Jolida

Looking for a single box CDP new or used under 2k for the long haul. Replacing a Jolida JD100, and it will be matched with the current Bel Canto Evo2 integrated and either Meadowlark Kestrel 2 or Equation 25 speakers.

A few preferences:
>Fast, dynamic and compatible with most styles of music- not only acoustic or vocals-- most important for me
>Kind to poorly recorded discs- need not be hyper-detailed but should still reveal some ambience
>Tonally rich/warm with good bass- current components are fairly neutral and the room is lively- CDP should not be too lean or edgy
>Balanced a plus, but not essential- no need for volume control

A couple CDPs I'm considering are a used Cary 303/200, Naim CD5 or used CDX, Opera consonance 2.2. Opinions on these or others appreciated.
I agree with several of the posts above that the Jolida has its strengths- it is transparent, listenable, reasonably detailed, and sounds great on vocal or acoustic music. However, I have tried a number of tubes, interconnects, balanced power, and platforms- and the Jolida just does not sound dynamic enough for me on rock and complex music. I don't think the problem is elswhere in my system, since for many CDs, a cheap yamaha cdp gets the music across better(albeit crudely)- also vinyl sounds great through a Nottingham/dynavector tt. Mainly want a CDP to keep longterm that works on all styles of music- cairn and naim are probably worth looking into- there are dealers locally.
Nzera: I too am looking for a CDP to match with my eVo2i and am seriously considering purchasing the Consonance Reference 2.2 player. Please keep us updated with your purchase options and observations...
Cary 308T - Since having this CD player (upgraded tubes to Mullards) I will never buy a CD player that doesn't have a tube output stage. This is as close as I can get to vinyl within my budget.
The Arcam FMJ CD23T is a great player for the money on the used market. I have also heard great things about (but have not heard) the Cary.