cd player skipping

While playing cd's from an NAD C540 cd player I'm hearing alot of skipping, jumping and breaks in the the music that are forcing me to stop listening. I keep my cd's clean (I don't touch the surface), and I clean the lens with one of those cd Lens cleaning disks. Nothing seems to work. I could use some Ideas. Thanks.
What do you have the player sitting on? If you tried the various cones,platforms,bricks then your unit might be defective.
The laser could be out of alignment or it is vibrations mentioned above. I would definitely bring it in to a tech, if still under warranty and have it checked.
If you go to and research your player you will see that the unit has a history of skipping and down time. If isolation devices and proper leveling/cleaning and adjustment do not work it may be time to move on (unless it's under warrenty). Sorry, I am only the messenger. I passed on one of these for next to nothing a while back due to its repair history.