CD player to complement Ml-23 / Odyssey Mono

I am looking to replace my Xindak cd player which is constantly having problems reading CD's.
I am looking for a cd player that would complement my system which consist of a ML 23 preamp and Odyssey's mono extreme amplifier. I have Legacy Focus speakers.
I listen mainly to female voice, instrumentals (guitar, piano) and soft rock. I would like to hold down the price of the CD player to under $ 2,000. I would prefer that the cd player will have tube outputs, but I will be happy with SS.

thank you all in advance,
Cambridge 840C
Naim CD5i
Simaudio Moon CD-1

All solid state, but none suffer from SS jangles. For your music type, the upsampling Cambridge with balanced outputs (if available on your pre) may be the best of this lot, but you should try to audition several.

Shanling CD-T1000SE Upsampling CD Player

Tube output (or not, can switch to by-pass tubes) and loads of 'Bling', barely clears your two grand limit. Haven't heard it, but reviews are outstanding.
Glad you mentioned the audio aero. I am interested in the Prima 24/192, but I am not to familiar with the company, I know their capital has a good rating. Do you have any experience with their cd players?
Thank you for your quick response
audio aero makes great players. If you can find one for under $2k, you should get it. At the nearly $2400 asking price for a new Prima, there are other choices you should also consider.