CD player wanted $500-$1000

I'm looking for a CD player in the range $500-$1000. It will be mated with a Plinius 9200 integraded amplifier and Focal Cobalt 816 loudspeakers. Any thoughts?
The Rotel RC1072 is good, real good in fact.

But, has anyone mentioned the Rega Apollo yet? No question in my mind..
I have a Simaudio Equinox and it seems to be a real nice mate for my 9100, auditioned jupitor 2000,& rc1072 before my purchase and have no regrets. equinox can be had here used for $1000. good luck on your choice.
The TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V is one exceptionally fine sounding MUSICAL player – getting us much closer to analog. It is excels in most all of the audiophile categories… resolution, neutrality, soundstaging, dynamics, transparency, instrument weight, ambience, image placement and separation, etc. Listening to your reference system will be a treat… as it emotionally pulls you into the music… allowing you to see past your stereo and enjoy the musicians’ performance. I strongly recommend this special player! it’s a no-brainer!!!
see 6moons...
Denon 1650 ar..about $500 used...great soundstaging...full bodied presentation...prefered it to the Planet when auditioning...good luck..weighs 25 lbs...great build quality...nice remote...
I just bought a MHZS CD-33 from Pacific Valve and Company for $449 and was BLOWN AWAY by this tube CD player. I have owned a Music Hall CD25 with level 1 mods from Sound Odyssey and a Jolida JD100 and found this player to be superior to them both...and it's on sale now for $449!!! It sounds amazing out of the box but when I replaced the stock chinese 6N3 tubes with Western Electric 396A's WOW!!! This player makes anything I have heard in its price range sound like junk IMHO. By the way I am not affiliated with MHZS or the Pacific Valve and Company...I am just so blown away by the value of this unit. If you give it a try you won't be dissapointed.