CD playing Rituals

There is quite a lengthy thread on the Analog section regarding rituals for playing vinyl - wet washing, dry cleaning, anti-static, maintenance, and the like.

For those of you who are heavily into the CD media, are there any such rituals for you? I have heard of demagnetizers, cleaners, "black outs", etc. Some appear to have merit, others appear to be possible snake oil. Any rituals common to the audiophiles here that are effective?
My CD-rituals are extreamly identical to vinyls.
Here are my ten CD-commendments:
1. Wash hands preferably with soap(I love Oil of Olay or Irish Spring not sure if any audiophile grade exists on that issue).
2. Keep CDs in jewel boxes or non-abrasive sleeves.
3. If neccessary, replace loose or broken jewel box to new and firm one that will preven accidental scratching due to the falling on the floor.
4. Take CD with fingers holding edges only and place it onto the CD-tray of the CD-player.
5. Inserts are also fingerprint sencitive so I prefere to remove them very carefully and read them with minimal fingerprints.
6. Please note, I do NOT hold the remote while consuming chicken or other finge-held meal. If there is a need to switch to different track or change CD please refere to paragraph 1.
7. Sort CD-s so you can find anyone you realy want to play fast.
8. Don't use valuable CD-s in car-stereos. Burn them or tape-record for such purposes.
9. Never use any demagnetizers and scratch-masters. You will end-up with blurring the plastic coating and unreadable tracks. If you do already have well, you should probably get another one(very often much cheaper than to load yourself with demags and scratch-master kinda $hit)...
10. Such rituals are easily applicable to vinyl as well except vinyls realy needs to be cleaned once a year(particularly in my case).
4yanx, were your questions answered by the Wash,Cut,Polish & Demag thread? Yea 4yanx, it really does work. Although, no single step of that process provides overwhelming results, When you put them altogether, it really does make one hell of a difference.

I was trying to find a website for you that displays pictures of the Audiodesk disccutter. But, no success. Although, what you theorize is absolutely correct. The Audiodesk resembles a little turntable with a threaded clamp that sandwiches the CD in the cutter. A fixed pivoted arm holds the cutter toolbit.

The shavings from the cut CD actually come off in thin pieces (that looks like dental floss) much like they would turning a soft steel bar on a metal lathe. It is a very nicely made unit. It performs this cutting operation devoid of any chatter and free from vibration.

If you may have any question regarding usage, please feel free to let me know, and I will happily provide any information you may require. Also, I would be more than willing to perform my complete ritual to a few of your CDs , just to use for evaluation and as a basis for comparison.

I think you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.