CD playing Rituals

There is quite a lengthy thread on the Analog section regarding rituals for playing vinyl - wet washing, dry cleaning, anti-static, maintenance, and the like.

For those of you who are heavily into the CD media, are there any such rituals for you? I have heard of demagnetizers, cleaners, "black outs", etc. Some appear to have merit, others appear to be possible snake oil. Any rituals common to the audiophiles here that are effective?
Warren, C'mon Buddy. Send me some of those new XRCDs you just purchased. Remember, you can use this process on ANY CD, including XRCD.

The processed XRCDs even have their own name designation;

XXHPXRCD (ExtraExtremeHighPerformanceExtendedResolutionCompactDisc)

Now say that three times fast.:)
Just got an order of 20 XRCDs today, Ed. Don't know where to begin. I tell you this. I found thee cd that will test, just, how very fast, extended, powerful and tight your subwoofer, my subwoofer, all the subs out there are. My sub passed, BTW. Ondekoza, Dotour Banri. Unreal. Got Sara V, Ella, Coltrane, Bill Evans, of course, Oscar Peterson, Jacintha, Sam McClain, Wynton Kelly, Sam McCleoud and oodles more. I'll be grooving for a, whole, long while. This was my last hurray, 'til the end of the summer. It'll be a good time to do some listening to a hellava lot of cds I haven't listened to in a the new stuff, of which the XRCDs are just a portion. I'm outta such thing as the Evelyn Wood speed listening course. 45 minutes is still 45 minutes. twill take some time, considering summer is not my time for heavy duty listening. Living on the beach, makes it difficult. But the sun does go down. Too bad my mind goes down soon after. Hey, that's one high class problem. I'll take that any day. peace, warren
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