CD Recorder Advice - Please!

I am wanting to purchase a quality CD Recorder but know nothing about them. Can any of you help with specific recommendations on both the player and type of blank CD's that produce the best recordings. I plan to spend as much as 600-800 in the used market. Also do recordings sound as good as the original CD? Thank you very much for your help and reply. Rick
One thing you must know about consumer CD recorders is that they prohibit copying from a disc that has already been copied! The neirest machine that does copy copy-prohibited discs is the professional TEAC or the professional Yamaha, both of which come at a much higher price that the Pioneer. As for pure quality, the most recent Pioneer should suit just fine. IN any case; a copy = not a copy in that it is a clone; there IS a loss! how much depends on the brand of recorder and player. for consumer purposes, the Yamaha (consumer model cdr-1000) is the best choice for sound quality) If you have enough money go buy the Marantz is slightly better. The best twin cd recorder/player is the Harman/Kardon,it's sound quality is comparable to the Yamaha. DO NOT buy the Philips twin recorder. Its nice if you"re on a budget but it is far from lossless. at first hearing the differences may seem inaudible, but on a good system and when listening carefully, differences can be spotted. in any case: listen to the machine before you buy. hoping to have made a purchase more easy, Christiaan
Make sure your unit has a digital level control for recording otherwise in the digital recording mode your copy will come out with various volume levels and drive you crazy - that is if you are making a mix of songs CD. The Pioneer units are very good - I have two of them.
Have you heard about the Terapin ( recorder that records T.V. as well as audio? List price is $599.
First, I think you should borrow a CD-R from one of your friends and try it on your car stereo or other devices where you listen to music. There are so many audio CD players out there that doesn't play CD-Rs. Good luck.