CD recorder Marantz or Pioneer

I plan on purchasing a cd recorder to copy only cd's, has anyone used the Marantz DR-17 or Pioneer Elite PDR19RW.Which is better or any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.Also the DR-17 will copy HDCD cd's does anyone know if the Pioneer will.Thank You
I own a cdr 630. I would highly recommend you purchase a professional unit. Forget the consumer models. This way you can use computer grade cd's and don't have to worry about SCMS! There are several good units out there. Marantz, HHB, Tascam and Fostex to name a few. You can usually buy them at discount prices through various pro-audio dealers. Take my word for it, this is the way to go!!!
I agree with ranstl. Seek out an HHB pro unit. It's based on a Pioneer unit but has all the pro connections & defeatable scms. It doesn't copy hdcd. I have an HHB 880 (the previous model) and it's fantastic.
I don't want to start a big contentious controvery re: CD recorders-- just state MY opinion. I looked really close at HBB, but ended up purchasing a "consumer grade" Pioneer W739 CD recorder BECAUSE it had the SCMS system built in, as I wanted some money from each consumer audio CD I purchased to go to the recording artist(s). It's my understanding that's how the SCMS works, ie to protect the performers from totally losing out when CDs are copied essentially free. I've been buying 30 CD-Rs for $40.-- which is only $1.33 per CD, and I don't consider that excessive. As to the Pioneer W739, it is a tremendously versatile recorder with a 3 CD drawer on the left and a record drawer on the right. It is truly a one touch recorder and copy quality is excellent. I can't tell copies from originals. The W739 also makes a decent transport. .......Just a different perspective. Craig.