CD recorder Marantz or Pioneer

I plan on purchasing a cd recorder to copy only cd's, has anyone used the Marantz DR-17 or Pioneer Elite PDR19RW.Which is better or any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.Also the DR-17 will copy HDCD cd's does anyone know if the Pioneer will.Thank You
Hi Garfish, Good to hear from you and all who have posted here today. Thanks for all this interesting info. I will take a snapshot of this thread and save it for reference if ever I am looking to buy a CD recorder. That Pioneer sure seems like an intersting machine. I have the Denon MD-1000 minidisc recorder and find that it outclasses every other MD recorder, but that Pioneer sure is tempting. Bye for now.
Garfish, there was no need for the apology. I can see how you might have mistaken my tone. In the past I have added my thoughts about this topic on like threads, however, to little avail. It appears that a few voices from the far can not compete with the loud corporate voice in control of the media. BMPNYC, I'm sincerely sorry to hear that what I feared was true. Somehow this information needs to be made available so that SCMS can be revealed as the SCAM that it is. It my circle of friends, SCMS is commonly known as SCAM. My final word on the subject is in agreement with BMPNYC, buy the best copier you can afford. Thanks for the mature conversation!
.....I'm glad we're ending this thread on a pleasant note. I learned a few "real world" things, and good luck to Don. Thanks, Craig.
Hi Bmpnyc, I'm sorry to hear that what I thought about the money possibly not making it to the artist was true.Thanks for the info.Also Craig,Ramstl and Hifigy thanks for the great info. sincerly, Don
Hi to all that replied I finally purchased a HHB CDR-800 and it performs great. Thank You & have a Happy New Year! Don.