CD ripper

I have a sizable CD collection that I would like to make DSD files from. 
Looking for a decent ripper. 
I have a pair of really old Bevridge System 3 speakers that badly need restoring so my current listening setup is:

Fostex HP A8C and Fostex TH900 headphones. About to order LS50s.  Not sure if I want to go passive or powered.

Is it necessary to spend much on a high end ripper?  Trying to figure out a budget.

EAC all the way.  FLAC is a lossless compresses format and the perfect end state ... WAV is uncompressed so just larger files for the same quality.  

If you have SACD discs you can rip an iso to DSD using iso2dsd 
I completely agree with EAC and the recommendations above. I have ripped well over 7k CDs this way. However, if you are looking for a fool proof, plug and play ripper that supports FLAC, checkout the Bluesound Vault II. It is a small footprint, about the size of a NUC, dead quiet and very easy to use. I had to get one to allow my wife to rip her copious CD collection as I did not have 4 weeks of free time to do it. It worked flawlessly.
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