CD ripping

Most of my 600 CDs were ripped thorough iTunes as m4a format.

Is it worth re doing this to wav ?

my 2 Channel system is oppo 105 to rega brio r and epos 11 speakers.

If worthwhile any advise on how I should do it myself or reco on services to outsource to?

Appreciate any guidance.



looks like considerable number of my files, on itunes, are AAC @ 128 and AAC @ 256.

So I used dB to rip 3 versions of the same track 

flac 5
apple losless

have to say found it hard to tell the difference and I thought my "ear" was pretty good. For example, I find poor recordings hard to listen to.

i will be re ripping as many of my older files are lossy using dB.

thanks again for the advice, really helpful. 


Most people who can hear the difference in formats, knowingly or unknowingly, have bats for ancestors. Happens mostly for people with ancestors from Eastern Europe, around Transylvanian :)

Sounds like you have some work ahead of you, but in the end the music will be improved. Sunday football season is coming up. I find that a good time to do  mindless tasks.
Well here is a thought. I am really new to digital ripped music. First I was ripping to my music only dedicated mac book. Had to purchase an external ripper for it then figure out JRiver software. 

The one of my distributors recommended a product, the Melco N1 retail is 2K. It stores 2 terabytes and connects to the internet. He then recommended the Buffalo CD Ripper made by the same company as the Melco but sold through Best Buy and office supply store. Now all I do is plug the Ripper into the Melco, it takes about 4 minutes to rip and the Melco organizes your music and searches on line for cover photos etc. Very cool since I am digitally handicapped. 

I use an iPad and down loaded Music Life which I use as a remote for the Melco. That app is free.

Doesn't get much easier.