CD ripping

Most of my 600 CDs were ripped thorough iTunes as m4a format.

Is it worth re doing this to wav ?

my 2 Channel system is oppo 105 to rega brio r and epos 11 speakers.

If worthwhile any advise on how I should do it myself or reco on services to outsource to?

Appreciate any guidance.


I skimmed through this thread to find more info on CD ripping hardware. I might upgrade my Mac laptop in the next year, but all new Macs come without a disc drive so I’ll have to rip CDs using some external hardware. I actually haven’t heard much talk about this sort of product in audiophile circles and I’m looking for some affordable products to get the job done well. Soundsrealaudio mentioned the "Buffalo CD Ripper", but I’m still not exactly sure what product that would be based on a quick google search. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Not a Mac guy, but I would assume all you need is an external CD/DVD drive, probably connected with USB. Your player may have the ripping software or you can get dBpoweramp or some other ripping software.
Correct, no special hardware needed, just a standard external disk drive. 

The model of the Buffalo burner is the BDXL Blu-ray Burner.

The BRXL- 16U3. I already had a CD burner for my new mac book air but purchased this one from Office Depot on line. Seems much faster then my separate mac burner that I had already purchased. The Buffalo seems much faster. In addition if you do buy a Melco N 1 ( hopefully from me ) which stores 2 tera bytes, the Buffalo ripper is made by the same company and plug and play. I had to give up on using my Air Book to play music. J River is to complex for someone old like me. Plus when I demo music in my shop I really don't want to open my lap top. It just feels wrong, on so many levels. Long and short is I would do the BRXL. 

A little confusing regarding the model number here but I think you  can sort it out on Office Depot website. 
Give me a call if you would like.