CD's in DVD players a compromise?

A broader question than it may seem at first. Apparently, the verdict is that DVD players do not excell at CD playback. Are there any DVD players out there that have actually surprised you with their CD capabilities? Also, what is the limiting factor here? Is it the digital reading of the CD. If so, then even an outboard DAC won't improve things. Is it that the internal D to A conversion is optimized for DVD's? If so, then an outboard DAC would be the answer. Does anyone out there know the cold hard technical facts on this subject? Will things get any better (or worse) with a Blue Ray player?
Thanks to all of you above for the good suggestions. Lets not stop now though, I'd like to hear as many as possible, and particularly those players that are also good value. Perhaps I was wrong to assume that good CD sound cannot come out of a DVD player. Maybe though it is simply a matter of manufacturing costs. I will admit that my notion comes mostly from comments made about less expensive DVD players. I paid $1600.00 for my CD player in 1990 and loved it and kept with it till it died a year ago. Now I couldn't dream of spending that much for a replacement. Can I find happiness for less than a grand, or even $600.00 bucks?
If HDMI isnt an issue the Lexicon RT10 for around $600 is a fantastic all around player with all formats covered save for HDCD and its video adjustments are a tweakers dream.
I don't know the context nor the model Oppo some of the posters were referring to but my OPPO DV-980H replaced a tweaked out Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 tubed cd player and continues to please. The system it is in was put together for 2 channel only consisting of a Bryston B-60/2B-LP preamp/biamp combo along with pure silver cabling throughout to a pair of Totem Arros.
The end result is a very high resolution, yet musical sytem which images holographically. Before writing it off because of a few negative comments I would suggest trying it out first. Keep an open mind and you may be amazed like I was. At $169, it is cheaper than most decent cables. Just my 2 cents!
Hifiharv - DVD players usually are not great as CD players because their main function is DVD playback (but have great tracking). If you combine cheap DVD player with jitter rejecting DAC like Benchmark DAC1 you'll become independent of the transport, will be able to play DVD and MP3s (inherent decoder in most DVD players) and also connect your HDTV and computer/server. Digital cable can be generic or self made. I use Benchmark with $70 Sony DVD player and sound is great.
ya, agree with Tom92602. Oppo 987 really sucks after i saw people had good reviews. I bought and sold it right the way. Nowhere close to Rotel RDV1080. Totally disappointed. I don;t think Oppo 105 or that sort will come close. Chinese is Still Chinese