Cd/sacd player for under 2K?

Hi Guys,

Been rethinking my new system. Will go with halo jc2 and a21 amp with vandy quatros. What would be a nice cd/sacd player for under 2k? The sacd is not required, just would like to have the option, but it is not a choice killer. Thanks.
Joe in Mobile
Thanks for all the input so far. I hope to hear more ideas. My only concern with universal players is a potential trade-off in capabilities. I haven't heard the esoterics yet, but I am leaning toward keeping the dvd side separate from the cd side. I will hold off though until I can hear an esoteric. I would not mind being wrong on this. Thanks again.

Joe in Mobile
FWIW Esoteric makes players that don't have DVD-V as well, you'll need to research the model # but I think the SA 60 does just this.